01 April 2015

3541) I Was The Only Turk At The Armenian Conference In New York -“Responsibility 2015“!

The Armenian community all over the U.S, under the leadership of the Armenian Diaspora located in California, is conducting, organizing and preparing conferences, discussion panels and meetings at various large cities, with the purpose of driving in the minds of the Americans at large, the importance of the fast approaching the 100th Anniversary of the alleged Armenian Genocide claims.!
One such conferences was initiated in New York City at one of the luxurious and well known hotels, the Marriot Marquise, on March 13-15, 2015. The Opening Night was last night. I have received the news rather unexpectedly and decided to join them.!
So, I went to the Conference. I am sure I was the only Turk.! . . .

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3540) Missed Occasion: Successes Of The Hamidian Police Against The Armenian Revolutionaries, 1905-1908

Abstract: During the last years of Abdülhamit’s era, the Armenian Revolutionary Federation faced huge difficulties, both in the Ottoman Empire and Russia. After years of failed attempt to provoke a foreign intervention through terrorism and, above all, rebellions (1896-1904), the ARF tried to obtain similar results through terrorism alone, in Istanbul and Izmir. In 1905, the Dashnaks tried to kill the Sultan, but failed twice, and their main leader was even killed by his own bomb, during the preparation of the first attempt. Partially as a result of the second failure, the Ottoman police discovered a plot to devastate Izmir, as well as the Izmir-Aydin and Izmir-Usak railways. Most of the plotters were arrested and sentenced. Last but not least, the betrayal of one prominent Dashnak and the denunciations by anonymous Armenians, permitted to the Ottoman security forces to dismember the Dashnak network in Van, the last province where the ARF maintained its capacity as a guerilla force. As a result, it appears that the Young Turk revolution, by naïveté, saved the Dashnaks precisely at the time when they were close to disappearing in the Ottoman Empire as a strong revolutionary party. . . .

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3539) Preserving Memory - Struggle To Create America's Holocaust Museum

. . .

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3538) Why Does Turkey Continue To Deny Armenian Genocide?

By Chris Bohjalian

One night in November, 2009, I heard Gerda Weissmann Klein speak at the University of Texas. A Holocaust survivor, Gerda’s 1957 memoir, “All But My Life,” chronicles her harrowing ordeal in labor camps and death marches during World War II. During the question and answer period, someone asked, “What do you say to Holocaust deniers?” She shrugged and said, “I really don’t have to say much. I simply tell them to ask Germany. Germany doesn’t deny it.”
. . .

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3537) Armenian Genocide in Modern Turkey’s Official Denialism: A Hundred Shades of Denial

by Grigor Boyakhchyan

Picture showing Armenians killed during the Armenian Genocide. Image taken from Ambassador Morgenthau’s Story, written by Henry Morgenthau, Sr. and published in 1918. Original description: “THOSE WHO FELL BY THE WAYSIDE. Scenes like this were common all over the Armenian provinces, in the spring and summer months of 1915. Death in its several forms—massacre, starvation, exhaustion—destroyed the larger part of the refugees. The Turkish policy was that of extermination under the guise of deportation” (Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons)

Against the backdrop of Turkish official denialism, distortion, and propaganda stunt looms the larger decay of a state rooted in organized forgetting.

" The will to truth is cowed by pressure of numerous kinds, reasons of state on the one hand, economic necessities on the other, and, not least, the pure careerism of intellectuals who put their expertise in the service of power as a matter of course. When governments and professional elites find reward in the sophistries of might makes right, truth is bound to suffer.”

–Terrence Des Pres
. . .

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3536) Video: Prof McCarthy, Lawyer Fein: Press Conference -Canadian Parliament 26Feb2015

WWI 100th Anniversary
                                              Human Suffering in Eastern Anatolia

Presentations made by Professor Justin McCarthy, Professor and Historian at the University of Louisville, Kentucky, and Mr. Bruce Fein, a US lawyer specializing in constitutional and international law, who served as an advisor to the former US President Ronald Reagan. Also includes the opening and closing statements made by Mr. Maurice Vellacott M.P., who is currently a Conservative Member of the Canadian Parliament. . . .


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3535) Armenian Genocide - German Guilt?

Witness or accomplice? At a congress in Berlin, historians have been debating Germany’s role in the genocide of Armenians 100 years ago. New findings show that Germany’s complicity is greater than previously assumed.

Richard Fuchs / gro

Armenien Völkermord ARCHIV

In the German Reichstag on September 29, 1916, the diplomat Gottlieb von Jagow had to give parliament an account of the terrible events in Turkey, then the Ottoman Empire.

It was about mass displacement and executions taking place in the eastern region of Anatolia. The German Empire was a colonial power there at the time and also an ally of the Ottoman government, which had previously initiated a mass persecution of Christian Armenians before the onset of World War I. "We did everything we could," stated Jagow in defense of Germany's passivity. . . .

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3534) Book Review: Armenian Massacres in Ottoman Turkey: a Disputed Genocide

Guenter Lewy, 2005. Publisher The University of Utah Press

Part 1
The literature is voluminous on what Armenians call the first genocide of the twentieth century and what most Turks refer to as an instance of intercommunal warfare and a wartime relocation. Yet despite the great outpouring of writing, an acrimonious debate over what actually happened almost one hundred years ago continues unabated. The highly charged historical dispute burdens relations between Turkey and Armenia and increases tensions in a volatile region. It also crops up periodically in other parts of the world when members of the Armenian diaspora push for recognition of the Armenian genocide by their respective parliaments and the Turkish government threatens retaliation. 'Vestnik Kavkaza' publishes chapters from the book of Guenter Lewy "The Armenian Massacres in Ottoman Turkey: a Disputed Genocide", revealing the essence of the issue. . . .

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3533) US Government Has Given Turkey A False Sense Of Cooperation On The Genocide Accusations For Years

Soft Power, Samantha Power And Soft Intellectuals
Tal Buenos*

While using the Armenian issue as a political leverage against Turkey, the U.S. government has given Turkey a false sense of cooperation on the genocide accusations for years

Power considerations explain the lingering genocide accusation campaign against Turkey. In international relations, power means the ability to get another state to do what it otherwise would not do. From the perspective of the U.S., how does it try to get Turkey to do things that Turkey would otherwise not do? The fact that the U.S. and Turkey have been enjoying mutually beneficial military and economic cooperation has two clear meanings. One, it would not be rational for the U.S. to threaten Turkey through military action or economic sanctions and two, there is a strong incentive for the U.S. to find ways to maintain this high level of cooperation either through obvious rewards or through a semblance of them.. . .

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31 March 2015

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