12 October 2015

2 New Free E-Books - Soon - At Our Late October/Early November Site Update

Mr Sukru Server Aya has kindly sent us the digital version of his 2 latest books to share with you at our Late October/Early November site update here.

1-) Preposterous Paradoxes of Ambassador Morgenthau: A Factual Story About Politics, Propaganda and Distortions
Hardcover – April, 2013
Book Review

Justin McCarthy, Professor of History at the University of Louisville has written of this book:

Sükrü Server Aya has done a service to our understanding of history with his analysis of Ambassador Morgenthau's reports on the Armenian Question in the Ottoman Empire. Morgenthau has long held a prominent place in what has become the popularly accepted history of the events of World War I. His descriptions of Armenian suffering feature prominently in accusations that the Ottomans committed genocide. The difficulty, as demonstrated by Aya, is that Morgenthau readily accepted fabricated evidence and himself falsified the record.

Aya's method is simple. He takes Morgenthau's statements and identified the false, the prejudiced, and the impossible. He compares Morgenthau's written accounts with his diaries, showing that much of what Morgenthau allegedly heard from Ottoman officials on plans to exterminate Armenians was complete invention. He analyses the prejudices and political calculations that led to Morgenthau's deception.

This book is not one of the polemics and baseless assertions that too often have characterised histories of the Turks and Armenians. It is a book of incredible detail that demands careful consideration. The effort of readers, however, will be repaid with a new understanding of history and of the creation of the mythology of the events of World War I.

Please order the hard copy from the publisher at:

2-) Twisted Law versus Proven Facts is Sukru Server Aya's answer to 'Geoffrey Robertson's Opinion: Was there an Armenian Genocide?' It is the answer of a historian to a jurist who has stated in 'The New Statesman' that historians have no business in interfering in history. History should be the business of lawyers, according to Mr. Robertson, and not historians. Mr. Aya begs to differ. . . .

This book not only challenges Mr. Robertson on the grounds of historical fact and his understanding of history with regard to what happened to the Armenians of the Ottoman Empire. It also challenges Mr. Robertson on his knowledge of his own chosen specialty, Law.

Mr. Aya provides a detailed commentary on Mr. Robertson's Opinion, challenging it, line by line, to get at the truth of the matter. He is not interested in constructing a case or winning an argument as lawyers are but in establishing the facts, as historians ought to. In doing so he produces another valuable contribution to the debate surrounding the tragic events of 1915 and after.

Let history decide.
Dr. Pat Walsh (on behalf of publisher, Athol Books)
Book Review

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23 August 2015

3571) Book Review - Armenian Insurrection and the Great War” by Dr. Pat Walsh and Dr. Garegin Pastermadjian “Armen Garo"

“The Armenian Insurrection and the Great War” by Dr. Pat Walsh and Dr. Garegin Pastermadjian “Armen Garo” (A Cautionary Tale of Betrayal)
ISBN 978-1-8722078-23-6 “Belfast Historical & Educational Society” 215 pages.

INTRODUCTION: For those who undertake wide ranging, below the surface and cross referenced research on the “genocide fanfare”, which has been popular only in the last fifty years, there are some logical questions. These are generally never asked or answered when debating a hundred or hundred and fifty years’ old historical events which are likely to have been forgotten long ago. The very important reality is that the genocide allegations relating to over a century old events do not stand on any reliable documentary evidence, i.e. official reports, past memorandums or correspondence and alike… They are usually based on grand-mother stories and personal hearsay, even than not on dependable true eyewitness reports. . . .

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3570) Raphael Lemkin’s Armenianism & “G” Witnessing Unfolded!

Are you in the habit of believing easily in what you read in books, newspapers, academic publications? We all believed in the “right to destroy Vietnamese because they defended their country”, or removal of Saddam with dummy sketches shown on TV screens by most dependable authorities. The “Reno Evening Gazette” had written as early as November 14, 1915 about Armenian propagandas:

"Ambassador Morgenthau appears to have fallen a ready victim to the smooth rascals that, by apocryphal tales of outrages, have procured contributions from their Armenian countrymen abroad and in this country and have lived in luxury on the proceeds for the last 30 years… . If this country, therefore, does not want to appear foolish before the whole world, it will refuse to be duped by impossible tales and will let the Armenians severely alone." . . .

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3569) Armenian Circle Of Deception

Ref. 10: Bulletin No.4, April 5, 1916: “Latest News Concerning the Armenian and Syrian Sufferers”. “We can estimate the number of survivors today at between 1.150.00 and 1.200.00 (This is contradicted by the Hearing of US Congress June 21, 1916, further down) (NER final Balance Report 31.12.1921 gave the number of survivors as 1.414.000) (Joint French-Armenian Land Distribution Commission Report (March 1, 1914) had declared total Armenians within the Empire under 1.280.000

. . .

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